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Where it all started...

Our story began in 2017 by one small girl who had a dream to push and recreate the boundaries of the average nine to five job. Lil aged 17 at the time had a passion to make a small change and grow something special. Growing up on the North Coast exposed to the enriched clothing and design industry, this dream would soon become a reality.

With a strong mind, hard work, determination & many hours later, our label was created.

Weekend market stalls and a small instagram was the beginning of our story. Quickly this grew and Amuse was our small brand. 

Two years forward, our Amuse trademark was brought by an overseas company and Amuse became Folke.

How was did we become Folke? : After many hours of contemplation and confusion, we got out our scrabble letter and began playing around with matching letters, finally coming up with 3 different names. Honestly, at this point, Folke was not the favourite or first choice, out of all the letters it was the only name that we did not have real meaning for . . 

We put the names out to our customers, friends, family and Folke was by far the favourite.. after some research, we were able to find meaning for the name 'a soul who brought people together this to us was the moment we knew this was the perfect fit for our brand as it has so much strength and empowerment as a young woman trying to make her take on the world and encourage positive change.

Folke is a very unique and powerful name and has a very special meaning to us as it Folke represents 'the people tribe' 

Folke - a soul who brought people together,
whole communities, friends and neighbours together as one,
a soul who was good from their soul and had a raw nature that made them special and pure at heart. Folke the people of the earth, the spirit of the land and sea - (name nest)

On June 29th, 2020 Folke opened their first shopfront in the local shopping centre in Lismore NSW. At first the store was only opened as a pop-up store. Although, with the support of our community we were quickly able to extend our lease, soon hiring 6 local talented staff members to help grow and continue the story of our brand. 

One year later the opportunity of a lifetime was offered to Lily. The opportunity to open a shopfront on to Gold Coast, an opportunity that could not be missed. Lily moved her brand a life to the gold coast to pressure her dreams and take a risk for her business. Folke Robina opened on the 1st of August 2021 were it is currently trading. 

As Folke continues to grow and evolve as a brand the future plans are becoming more exciting as we become able to give a little piece of our story back to the community through funding and sponsoring our local charities and communities.



‘One for one’ donating one dollar back from every sale to help clean up our planet and give back to local charities and organisation in need.

Our label provides a product but more importantly the experience allowing customers to engage by purchasing a piece of the story of change. In todays society we are seeing so much need and so many pleads for change in our society. From the cleaner oceans to support for the local non-for-profit organisation supporting people in need.

This business proudly will support these visions allowing the customers to invest into the products but also invest in our journey of change led by them. They will be able to follow and psychically engage in activities and watch the contribution which in purchasing and supporting our business we will support others and issues needing to be addressed.

This label allows customers to become apart of the journey and influence the way of the future as they purchase products they are helping to build a brighter future for the planet and people in need.

Creating a chain reaction through our program ‘one for one’ is our mission to show how one small action can start a chain reaction.

Please help us give a little back.


Lets Keep Our Planet Beautiful

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